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Businesses consult Banking Liaison Group about cutting their bank charges and other finance costs.
Annual savings range well into six figures. We also check bank interest on loans and overdrafts.

Cutting bank transaction charges


For the smallest businesses, banks have a published tariff. But for most concerns the charges are negotiated individually. This means you have little idea whether you are getting a good deal.

Our experience suggests that over 80% of businesses are paying too much in transaction charges – sometimes 100% too much!

What bank charges does your business pay? Some businesses don't even know. The charges can dribble in, in bits and pieces. Sometimes they can mount up significantly. Whatever you pay there is at least an 80% chance that your business is being overcharged – eating into your profits and reducing your ability to invest & build for the future


Merchant services costs

Banks also charge for processing credit card and debit card transactions. From our experience it is very clear that they will charge what the market will bear - that is, what you are prepared to pay. How much does it cost you every year to accept Mastercard and Visa transactions?
And how do you know if you are paying a reasonable price?

How we help clients save on bank charges

This is where we come in. We can tell you whether you are getting a good deal, and if not, what you should do about it.We have Publicly Quoted Companies among our clients. Most businesses using this service have an annual turnover of £5m or more, though much smaller concerns can also benefit. Please feel free to ask.We save money for businesses in these areas.
  • Bank transaction charges
  • Processing of credit and debit cards - merchant card fees
  • Transport of cash and cheques
  • Guaranteeing of cheques not covered by cheque cards
  • International transactions

Businesses pay for our services by simply passing on to us a proportion of the savings which we achieve for them. If there are no savings, we charge no fee. This service can therefore be regarded as a "health check" on a contingency fee basis.You need not worry that in pressing your bank to reduce your charges you will injure your business relationship with the bank. We find that, through strong but reasonable bargaining, relationships are strengthened. As our consultants were all previously senior bank managers they are all able to guide you in the best way to approach each stage, and indeed we are well qualified to undertake direct negotiation for you.

Additionally,for large companies, or public bodies such as local authorities, wishing to put their banking business out to tender, we can offer in depth experience in the entire range of bank transaction charges, and provide expertise in areas from assessment of pricing, through drawing up tender documentation, to negotiation of successfully reduced terms.

Talk to us on 0845 65 85 100 or complete our form and we will contact you - it puts you under no obligation. Remember, we save businesses thousands of pounds a year.


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