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Banking for businesses with high volumes of transactions

Banking Liaison Group specialists have considerable expertise in dealing with the banking requirements of major businesses. We understand the problems & complexities involved in managing high volumes of transactions, perhaps across a number of outlets, in different currencies, making and receiving UK and international business payments.

The main sectors in which high volumes occur are:

  • Retail - supermarkets, stores, shops, mail order

  • Financial Services - Building Societies, insurance, banks

  • Utilities - electricity, gas, water, telecoms, TV

  • Government - agencies, departments, local government.

We can help

by discussing and resolving your concerns and advising you how your bank/s should be assisting you, particularly in these areas:
  • Managing - at stores, offices, depots

  • Handling - processes, in-house cashiering operations / security

  • Counting - notes, coin, cheques, currencies

  • Packaging - preparation for banking / security carrier

  • Transporting - carrier relationships / services / prices

  • Recording - receipts / payments – internal / accounting

  • Reconciling - business records to bank data

  • Outsourcing - cheque printing / writing, cash processing, post handling, bulk cheque preparation

  • Funds Management - transfers, central procedures / advices

  • Bank Charges - paying less, getting value for your money

  • Merchant services - debit and credit card

When it comes to seeking a better deal from your existing bank/s or deciding to enter upon a full tender exercise, we have the expertise and market knowledge to guide your every move, either covertly (so that you continue to front all pricing dialogue) or by taking on full responsibility for the specific project (simply keeping you advised of progress and referring back at pre-arranged stages). More often, a mix of these is agreed.

Our joint responsibilities and remuneration are decided upon at the outset, and most frequently we can agree a package that means you pay us from the successfully achieved savings in bank charges.

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