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Bank guarantees can present a problem if a business fails. The directors may have given guarantees to the bank. The bank will use those guarantees to call for repayment.

At this point it is important to check the strength of the bank's position, and then to negotiate with the bank on that basis.

The insolvency practitioner acts for the creditors generally, and therefore cannot undertake to represent the directors in discussions with the bank about their guarantee liabilities.

Bank guarantee negotiations

It pays to have an experienced, practical negotiator on your side of the table.

Specialists within Banking Liaison Group undertake this role, with the aim of reaching a settlement which is acceptable to all parties. From our experience, discussions about bank guarantees can be brisk and technical.

We will tell you where you stand, and where the bank stands. This can bring an end to years of worry, frustration and delay. Then we will help negotiate with the bank, to achieve a quicker, cleaner outcome.

We hope then that you will be able to move on with your life.

Bank guarantees - getting started

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