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Bank Disputes and Debt Problems

Are you looking for help because your bank is causing you distress?

Ask Banking Liaison Group to help you

Your problem probably started with an error, a demand, or a decision that appeared unrealistic or unfair. Your bank did not seem to listen, and you felt as if you were hitting your head on the proverbial brick wall.

Banking Liaison Group will

  • Listen without prejudice
  • Assess your options
  • Guide you or actually deal with the bank for you
  • Inform you how your bank matches our "reasonable banker" model.

Tell us the facts

  • Write down how the problem arose
  • Get the facts together
  • Write down what you want to achieve
  • Decide how much time and cash you are prepared to invest.

Keep to the basics at this stage.

Now send Banking Liaison Group a resumé of what you have. NOTE Initial contact about disputes must be by completing our enquiry form.


What happens next?

Your enquiry is passed to one of our bankers who has experience of your problem.

Our banker will report back to you, or may ask to discuss the case more fully. You obtain an opinion based on the facts.

(We have a separate page about help with bank guarantees.)


Is the service free?

We are a professional group, and fees are charged. When there is a simple solution we are able to waive this at our discretion. In more complex cases where a fee will be charged you negotiate a fee in advance. Control of how much you spend on the case is always in your hands.

Because we are truly independent we are not paid by the banks.


So - Who are we?

We are a group of bankers who have held senior positions. Our experience allows us to provide impartial and professional help with a practical answer to your banking problem.

We are not a pressure group and have no wish to "bash the banks".

More about Banking Liaison Group


Recent examples

A bank was threatening repossession of a family home for a business debt. We negotiated a lump sum payment in full settlement. The bank was satisfied, and the family retained their home.

We assisted with the financial structure of a business so that it would qualify for a Government Small Firm Loan.

We are currently advising on a case where an allegedly unauthorised debit has appeared on a customers account, and the bank is unable to respond.

We helped to obtain refunds of charges where the customer felt they had been unreasonable.

We have investigated cases where the customer alleges the bank has acted unreasonably in its relationship with the customer.



Telling the media Never assume - You and your bank may have interpreted instructions differently
Public protests Read and understand all forms - Find out what rights you are giving the bank when you sign
Aggression and losing your temper Expect your bank to consider its priorities before you
Making accusations Only give security that you are prepared to lose
Blaming the bank Confirm every action or decision in writing - If your bank does not write, write to them
Making it a personal vendetta Before you agree - think the worst case. What if - think
You must remember we are bankers, not magicians. We cannot always help. We find this particularly so with some decisions about granting or removal of borrowing facilities. The bank may be acting reasonably in the circumstances, however harsh or morally wrong it may appear.

Who else is there?

National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux - 0207 833 2181 - a good source of information about simple matters

The Financial Services Ombudsman - 0845 080 1800 - there are certain limits to what he will take on.

Solicitors, and the law - Essential in some cases. However, it can be expensive. If it gets to court fees mount up very quickly. Use a solicitor who knows about banking matters, and is prepared to take on your case. We can always provide the solicitor with a report on all the practical banking aspects of the case, and where a court hearing is arranged provide an expert witness.


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