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bouncing cheques? act now!


Cheques being bounced?

Has the bank started to bounce your business's cheques?

Having your cheques bounced can become very expensive in bank charges very quickly.

Bounced cheques also damage your credit. Suppliers will reduce your credit terms, and may even insist on cash in advance. This will make your liquidity problems even worse. Your cash squeeze gets more and more serious.

But just delaying sending out cheques is not the answer. It may make the cash crunch worse in the end.

We can help

Why is the bank bouncing cheques?

As former bank managers ourselves, we are well placed to establish why the bank is bouncing cheques.

Does the bank understand the business?

Perhaps the bank does not fully understand the business.

If this is the fault of the bank, we may in the last resort have to draw up an action plan to move the business to another bank.

If the business has not explained itself fully to the bank, we can help put that right, and hopefully establish a good relationship between the bank and the business, so that bounced cheques become a thing of the past.

Is the business viable?

We can help by standing back and looking at the business dispassionately.

  • What has caused the liquidity problem?
  • Is the business profitable?
  • Does it just need more borrowing in order to expand?

We can suggest ways of obtaining the necessary finance, and identify suitable lenders.

If the business is not profitable -

  • Can it be made profitable? We will examine it and suggest ideas.

If the business can't be turned around, it is best to recognise this early, before debts start to mushroom out of control. It is best to take prompt, firm action. We can suggest ways forward.

Act early and save!

The initial discussion is free but in most cases we will have to charge for visits.

However, this cost can be minimal compared to the money which can be saved by taking firm, early action if the bank starts to bounce cheques.

If the bank is bouncing your cheques, act now before things get worse. We help you decide what to do, and help you carry it out.

Click to tell us that the bank is bouncing cheques, or telephone us on 0845 65 85 100 (local call).


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