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cash flow problems & business rescue finance


Avoiding insolvency

Many businesses which could, and should, have been saved actually fail.

We have a proven track record of helping businesses that are in financial difficulties to survive and flourish. Through our extensive network of contacts we have access to many types of finance.

With our expertise in this field, we can give businesses that are encountering financial difficulties the breathing space to re-structure and re-establish themselves on a sound financial footing.

What may appear to be an impossible situation to you is an everyday issue to us.


Business rescue finance

We have access to private and institutional funds that are available specifically for businesses with cash flow problems.

If your business is viable, and your funding requirements pass the 'common sense' test, we should be able to help.

We can help you gain access to

  • Stock finance

  • Debtor finance (even if you have previously been turned down)

  • Single invoice financing

  • Asset finance



Banking relationships

Do you have problems in your day to day working relationship with your Bank?

With our specialist banking knowledge we can, in many cases, help to re-establish that relationship and assist you in negotiating enhanced facilities - even though you may think this is not possible.

This can result in unlocking the working capital your business needs.

Remember, we can speak their language too.


Business restructure and insolvency

We accept that it is not always possible, for a variety of reasons, to keep a business or a particular part of a business going and that some kind of formal insolvency is inevitable.

When necessary we work closely with Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. This is an area we know well, so we can offer invaluable advice and help. Dealing with Insolvency issues has been likened to walking through a minefield. We can show you the way.

Bear in mind, a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner is duty bound to act in the best interests of all the creditors of the business. However, we are here to help you re-start or re-structure your business.


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