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Every small to medium-sized company can experience difficulty paying its bills when cash flow is tight and business payments are slow.

But who can a company turn to when it runs into a problem debt or cash flow crisis?

The professional Debt Arbitrator and Negotiator specialises in helping businesses reduce a problem debt by negotiating with creditors directly or with their collection agencies and appointed solicitors.

The Channel 4 series "Your Money & Your Life" shows what can happen when negotiation with the bank is left too late. Negotiate while you have something to negotiate with! And a former bank manager can help you -
they know how the banks' minds work.


Debt arbitration can avoid expensive litigation for debtor and creditor

The Debtor
A substantial debt can paralyse a company's ability to trade effectively, often leading to a collapse. If a creditor decides to take legal action over a bad debt, it can result in a time consuming and expensive lawsuit which can incur huge costs from lost business and legal expenses.

The Creditor
Chasing a bad debt is an expensive gamble that most creditors want to avoid because they don't want to incur more costs at the risk of not being paid. They know that they have more to gain by accepting third party arbitration than pursuing you in court, or simply hoping to be paid by the debtor.

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