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What do we check?

We check
  • Bank loans

  • Overdrafts

  • Commercial mortgages.

We can go back up to 12 years.

We also check early repayment penalties.

We don't check residential mortgages, but try here.


Our terms

We put our money where our mouth is.

Over 60% of the cases we check reveal an overcharge by the bank.

Recoveries obtained for clients run into four, five and six figures. The highest so far is over £150,000.

Everyone in Banking Liaison Group is a former bank manager. So we can often see how overcharging has arisen.

We believe in our operation. Therefore we charge nothing for the interest audit if the borrowing is over £50,000.


What Next?

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements. Complete the form or phone the Hotline on 0845 65 85 100.

  • Request our terms and conditions letter. Countersign one copy and send it back to us with copies of the bank statements and facility letters

  • We will check your accounts on our own specially written software. If we find no overcharge, you owe us nothing

  • If we find an overcharge we will handle the recovery for you, using our knowledge of bank procedures to achieve recovery with the least possible effect on your relationship with the bank.

  • We will handle the interest claim directly with the bank and keep you fully informed.

  • We will claim for
    • The overcharge
    • Compounded interest ('interest on interest')
    • Compensation for inconvenience.

Our price for the recovery

A success fee is payable when the refund is received - not before.

Contact us ...

... and get the benefits of
  • Contact with knowledgeable former Senior Bank Managers

  • A tried and tested checking operation

  • Interest recovery claims handled by former Senior Bank Managers who understand banks' procedures, and will be professional and courteous, but firm with the bank on your behalf.

Talk to us on 0845 65 85 100 or complete our form and we will contact you.

A satisfied client writes ...

May I thank you particularly for securing such a remarkable outcome: I could not have wished for a better handling of the whole matter. The whole of the negotiations have been brilliantly and beautifully handled. Thank you.

Another satisfied client writes ...

I wish to express my thanks to you for achieving such a satisfactory outcome. Many colleagues have been very interested to hear about your services and so I hope that my experiences will generate some more business for you.

And another satisfied client writes ...

Please go ahead and do the necessary to accept the offer of full and final settlement. Many thanks for the excellent job you have done.

- Better Business Practice - a Richard Denny Company


Accountants & other introducers

We have special arrangements for introducers of business.

Talk to us on 0845 65 85 100 or complete our form and we will contact you.


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