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Welcome to Banking Liaison Group

We should make clear at the outset that we do not have employees and WE DO NOT PAY SALARIES. In BLG, as the saying goes, "what you kill, you eat".


Join BLG as a member

We members of BLG are all former senior bankers who get on well with each other. We are building a good reputation in the market, which is why we have to be very selective about people who join us.

So if we don't pay salaries, why might you want to join us? In no particular order:

  • Cross selling. Within BLG each of us tends to specialise. You can provide the services you want to provide yourself, and call in colleagues to do the rest, in return for an introducer's commission.

  • Similarly, colleagues may refer clients to you.

  • You can sell in BLG's name, using this web site as your brochure. Experience does show this can help.

  • We provide stationery, business cards, and brochures, as well as our reputation and track record.

  • Camaraderie and advice. Not to be underrated! If there's a mistake to be made, someone in BLG has probably already made it.

Who are we looking for?

We are a small organisation and we are only looking for a few people. Broadly speaking you should be

  • A generalist in a part of the country where we are not strong; or

  • A specialist in a particular service. This could be a service we don't offer at the moment. But if we already offer your expertise, don't despair. In some of them we are fully resourced, but in others we would like to recruit someone else, or we have a succession issue.

To be a member, you must have a strong track record in UK banking and finance, and be ACIB qualified.


Or become an introducer

You may be working full time in another role, perhaps as an IFA. Or you may have retired and know businesses which want our services, but you may not want to do any of the work yourself.

Register with us as an introducer, and we will pay you commission for any business you bring us (at a lower rate than we pay our members).

You won't be able to sell in our name, but this also means you do not have to have the ACIB.


What does it cost?

Registering as an introducer is free.

Members pay an annual fee in three figures. BLG also retains a proportion of earnings, but there is an annual cap on retentions at quite a low level. We are not a hard nosed rip off franchise operation - it is not our style, and the quality of people we want wouldn't stand for it.


What next?

Please browse the site. If then you would like to talk to us, please call on 0845 65 85 100.

You can e-mail us your CV - tell us why you are interested in us, and why we should be interested in you!

Thank you for reading this far, and we hope to hear from you.


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