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Leasing is one of the best ways of ensuring your business always has the most up to date equipment. Amounts from as little as £1000 can be funded. A wide range of equipment can be financed, from computers and software, through shop fittings, to plant and machinery. Let us know your need and we will find the solution.

There are many providers. Our specialist broker will find you a good deal. You don't pay the broker, he gets commission from the leasing company he chooses. You only take the deal if you like it. So you have nothing to lose by asking for a quote.

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How leasing works

Leasing enables a user of equipment to benefit from its use whilst paying for it. It enables the supplier to generate more profitable sales.

Between 1990 and 1997 leasing and hire purchase rose from 16% to 27% of small business lending.

Other benefits

  • Additional line of finance
  • Rentals are tax deductible
  • Payments spread over 3 to 5 years
  • Fixed interest rate, so you can budget exactly
  • VAT is spread over the life of the transaction
  • Does not use working capital
  • The supplier gets immediate payment in full, so they may give you a better price

For & against leasing

Medium term debt at fixed rates

No need to make up front payments

Flexible repayment arrangements at the outset - rental payments can be tailored to expected cash flows

Finance is outside bank overdraft arrangements.


Lease purchase (hire purchase)

Purchase of the asset is included in the price of the last payment under the agreement.

Tax is allowable on interest element of rental, with writing down allowances available on the capital element

The asset is included in the balance sheet.


What hire purchase costs

Fixed or floating rates

Repayment spread over 1-7 years or the life of the asset.


Operating lease

This is off balance sheet finance

Many companies use it as contract hire for motor vehicles

Otherwise, it is generally used by local authorities or NHS Trusts


Sale and leaseback

Leasing can be used to refinance some existing assets and so liberate cash for the business. This is useful when assets are well written down in the balance sheet.

How we can help

This is a competitive market place, with different lenders in different market sectors

We will introduce you to quality lenders with competitive packages.

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