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banking for UK local authorities


Banking for UK local authorities

Specialists within BLG have considerable experience in dealing with the banking requirements of Local Authorities. The complexities of a local authority’s money transmission and electronic banking requirements require considerable administration.

Best value requirements

Pressures on financial management can include
  • Central government’s ‘best value’ initiatives
  • The sheer volume of transactions
  • Offering payment options to those least able to pay
Banking Liaison Group can help

Local Authority banking problems

Banking Liaison Group has the expertise to deal with all these issues from an independent viewpoint.

  • Dealing with high volume small ticket cash receipts
  • Improving direct debit penetration
  • Reducing direct debit rejections on rates or rents collections
  • Comparing the banks' electronic products
  • Getting the best use from electronic banking
  • Receiving the best interest rates from quality sources
  • Producing the tri-annual invitation to tender
  • Dealing with the responses
  • Placing finance
  • Ensuring that your bank has calculated your interest correctly

We can assist with every aspect of a Local Authority's banking relationship and operations, without bias.


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