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Who is faultless at tendering for payments business? - NOT YOU!

Which bank is always superb at presenting a tender document at a 'beauty parade'? - NOT YOU!

How do we know? Our consultants have seen more tender documents and bank presentations than we care to remember.

  • We have to read and question your tenders.
  • We sit opposite your presenters and see them from the client's standpoint.

Here are just a few of the do's and dont's we can help you with. If you feel some of them look basic - well, we have seen them all in real life, in front of clients.


Tender documents

  • If you're asked to follow a format, DO follow the format
  • DO give the right customer name / personnel / network details
  • DO make sure the price / activity schedules add through correctly
  • DON'T sell spurious benefits, or stress benefits which you know the competition can provide
  • DON'T include irrelevant material.

Beauty parade presentations - or the ugly sisters??

  • DO bring your own kit - leave as little to chance as possible
  • Before planning your presentation, DO consider sending a quick e-mail asking if the prospect has any particular concerns
  • DO master the relevant material. One bank had never heard of AWACS but thought it was neat that it rhymed with BACS. Another confused it with APACS.
  • DO plan ahead. When given 7 days to provide more information, one presenter said that it was not possible as he was virtually the only one in his department not on holiday, and he was going on Friday.
  • If the prospect interrupt your carefully planned presentation with questions, DON'T tell them off
  • DON'T bang on about things your bank can do which are irrelevant to the prospect
  • If you are presenting as a team, DON'T contradict each other in front of the prospect
  • DON'T give out-of-date information about the bank and its products.

And, yes, we can tell you about more than this - much more.



You've put a lot of work into it. But if you get it wrong now, your customer or prospect won't tell you - you just won't get the business.

We can talk to your people, tell them more do's and dont's, and provide critiques of their tender documents and presentations.

Talk to us on 0845 65 85 100 or complete our form and we will contact you.


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