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John Page


•  In business since 1991

•  Clients all over Britain

•  Former senior Bank Managers

•  Solving problems & saving money

•  Banking & finance expertise

•  Looking after all our clients, large & small


We are all are former Senior Managers with major UK banks. This means we understand what goes on in banks, and we are used to keeping our clients' affairs confidential. We are all professionally qualified with the (English) Chartered Institute of Bankers, or the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.

As you can see on the left, we offer a range of specialised banking expertise, including corporate and international banking, cash management and banking operations.

We use our expertise and experience to solve clients' problems and save them money.

Our client base includes public quoted companies, major banks, and many smaller businesses.

Privately owned businesses, large and small, also use our cost reduction and consultancy services on banking issues.

Major firms of solicitors use our expert witness service where litigation concerns banking matters.

Banking Liaison Group is not a campaigning organisation or a pressure group. We are a professional consultancy aiming to achieve the best results for our clients.

Talk to us on 0845 65 85 100 or complete our form and we will contact you.

Finally, if you wish to join BLG and have a strong banking background, we are happy to talk to you - more here.


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